History in the Making



A Journal of History


Chief Editors


2017 Chief Editor

Heather K. Garrett


2016 Chief Editor

Heather K. Garrett


2015 Chief Editor

Claudia Aros

2015 Associate Chief Editor

Moriah Schnose


2014 Chief Editor

Kevin Wheeler


2013 Chief Editor

Claudia Mariscal


2012 Chief Editor

Thomas Hagen


2011 Chief Editor

Thomas Hagen


2010 Chief Editors

Oceana Collins & Starlene Justice


2009 Chief Editor

Oceana Collins


2008 Chief Editor

Holly Roy


Editing for the journal is a great opportunity to learn more about the profession of history and to prepare for graduate school. All CSUSB history students are encouraged to apply at the beginning of the fall quarter for the editorial board.  Look out for the Call for Editors on the history listserve.

If you are interested in working on the journal, please prepare a short letter of interest explaining why you are interested in working on the journal, describing the areas of history in which you have the strongest background, and your future professional goals.

Writing Sample: Along with your letter of interest, you need to submit a writing sample. It does not matter how long or how short the sample is, so choose something that represents your best writing.